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Epiphany; a moment of sudden and great realisation. Sifting through her mother’s vintage 1970s magazines (ones that featured the late Mr Yves Saint-Laurent’s “saharienne” breakthrough), Asma Al Matrooshi had her epiphany moment analysing the fluidity of the garments and their technical design construction. She then joined forces with partner Maitha Al Shamsi and depicted those details and their signature flare embodying all that is “chic gypsetter”; that is how they began incorporating those elements in their brand, focusing on the simplicity of fabric, linens, movement and freeing the once conservative use of abayawear.

The duo has since then become pioneers in the field, designing for instance the first colored abayas in the region. Their brand embodies all that is motion and was met with the most enthusiastic approval.

Asma and Maitha have set their sights down the line to making their signature concept a traveling utopia across the region and perhaps the world.

أن تكوني عاشقة لإيبيفاني

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