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about us


Epiphany; a moment of sudden and great realization. Asma Almatrooshi had her epiphany moment analyzing the fluidity of the garments and their technical design construction, she then joined forces with her first inspiration as a designer, her mother and depicted those details and their signature flare embodying all that is modernized chic and reserved.

That is how she began incorporating those elements in her brand, focusing on the simplicity of fabric, linens movements and freeing the once conservative use of abaya wear.


founded in 2014

The designer began her journey in 2014 with the vision of infusing abaya wear with a pastel color palette, as well as a more organic feel to fabric use.

Her first season carried out pieces that were made with cotton blends, pure linens and silks in the softest shades of nude beige and almond greens.

Our target audience back then expressed a lot of support and genuine interest in our collection, that encouraged us to keep going forth and incorporate travel wear, lounge wear and kaftans right there and then. We refused to use the color black (which was the traditional color used in abaya construction) was met with a lot of enthusiasm and thats exactly how we built our DNA.

“The most important lesson I learned is to stick to my own style, especially since trends change with the seasons.”

Asma Almatrooshi

Founder - Epiphany
think different

Trend setting brand

The color black was introduced in 2017 right after a client refused to copy our designs in her own black fabric which in corporate jobs was a mandatory color to be worn, as a result, we created a whole collection in black and introduced it to the working women who hold niche roles in our society which attracted another audience for those who love their blacks.

We are a brand that thrives in setting our own trends. We started the trend of modest travel wear sets for ladies who are reserved and well put together that blends well with the hijab look, and we take pride in that.

The designer have set her sights down the line to making this signature concept a traveling utopia across the region & the world.