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Epiphany; a moment of sudden and great realization. Asma AlMatrooshi had her epiphany moment analyzing  the fluidity of thegarments and their technical design construction. She then joinedforces with partner Maitha Al Shamsi and depicted those details andtheir signature flare embodying all that is “chic gypsetter”; that is howthey began incorporating those elements in their brand, focusing onthe simplicity of fabric, linens, movement and freeing the onceconservative use of abaya wear.

Asma Al Matrooshi and Maitha Al Shamsi, the dynamic duo behindthe brand, began their journey in 2014 with the vision of infusingabaya wear with a pastel color palette, as well as a more organic feelto fabric use.

“Our first season carried out pieces that were made with cotton blendsand pure linens or silk in the softest shades of nude and beige andalmond greens. Our targeted audience back then expressed a lot ofsupport and genuine interest and love in our first pieces. Thatencouraged us to just keep going forth and incorporate travel wear,lounge wear and kaftans right there and then. The fact that we refusedto use the color black (which is the traditional color used in abayaconstruction) was met with a lot of enthusiasm and that’s exactly howwe built our DNA.”

Epiphany is introducing the tailoring boutique, for haute couture, suits, dresses, and basic individual needs from basic clothingto evening delicate dresses, men /woman customized suits   and uniforms.   It will cater the   needs of the sur roundingindividuals living in AlKhawaneej, as we have studied the area and noticed a gap in this highly needed facility.

The boutique will include 4 to 5 tailors   men and women an assistant to assist ladies for all kind of measurements inspiration ideas and designing.

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